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Monitor and control your industrial equipment from anywhere

Temple Industrial brings simple, cost-effective remote monitoring and control solutions that make life easier for equipment operations across industries.

The remote monitoring and control capabilities are vast, and dedicated applications engineering creates unlimited potential in terms of industries it can serve. Maintaining equipment does not have to be a difficult undertaking.

Featured Industries

Here are a few industries already experiencing the many benefits and cost savings of remote monitoring and control technology:

Oil & Gas

  • Manage, Monitor, and Supervise Your Oilfield Site Anywhere
  • Monitor tubing and casing pressures in oil and gas fields
  • Eliminate need for manual data collection
  • Analyze current and long-term wellhead performance
  • Guaranteed connectivity at the site

Water & Wastewater Management

  • Manage, Monitor, and Supervise Your Water and Lift Station Equipment Anywhere
  • Duplex Pump Workload: Know when a pump is down or out of sync 
  • AC / DC Power: Be alerted if a station is on generator/battery power
  • Float Switch Status: Monitor performance during storms
  • Eliminate the need for manual data collection, such as run times

Agriculture & Irrigation Systems

  • Manage, Monitor, and Supervise Your Irrigation Systems Anywhere
  • Pump Control: Stay in control of your water and fertilizer pumps
  • Flow/Pressure: Know exactly how much water is being pumped
  • Tank Levels: Monitor the levels of your tanks