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Providing all-in-one remote monitoring and control solutions for more efficient, reliable equipment operations

As the exclusive supplier of Rattler remote monitoring and control products, Temple Industrial seamlessly integrates the necessary hardware, wireless connectivity data plans, cloud software, and support services into a single solution for our customers.

Temple manufactures cabinet assemblies for each industry that it serves and provides applications engineering for each project or opportunity.

Temple’s ISR Value Promise: Integrity, Service, and Relationships

Temple Industrial is a division of Temple, Inc. and brings over 65 years of experience providing maintenance solutions as a fourth-generation family business. We remain dedicated to upholding our long tradition focused on ISR: integrity, service, and relationships.

Temple understands that a sale is just the beginning of a model focused on solving the needs of customers. Relationship, guided by a commitment to outstanding service and a dedication to integrity, remains a guiding principle of Temple, Inc.

Throughout the years, the people of Temple, Inc. have worked to develop enduring relationships with city, county, and state agencies, utility departments, engineering firms, electrical services contractors, distribution firms, and vendor partners. Any success the company has enjoyed is due to the Lord’s provision and the great relationships of all the partners who’ve come alongside Temple over these years.

Temple Industrial looks forward to working alongside you as we meet the future’s challenges and opportunities.