Reliable remote monitoring and control made easy

Temple Industrial delivers all-inclusive, single-solution remote monitoring and control packages that are cost-effective, easy to deploy, and simple to operate.

Our remote monitoring and control solutions sustain maximum uptime, provide valuable system insight, and establish greater cost savings – all while ensuring peace of mind.

Our remote monitoring and control solutions:

  • Are cost-effective
  • Allow viewing system status in real-time
  • Include exclusive access to a cloud-based platform for 24/7 system monitoring
  • Automatically generate reports and text and email notifications for critical issues
  • Include control capability (PID Control/Logic Table)
  • Provide greater system insight
  • Include “last-gasp” battery backup
  • Utilize the industrial standard 4-20 mA current loop

All-in-One. Streamlined. Complete.

Single, effective solutions make life easier, and we understand that’s the whole goal of integrating remote control and monitoring into equipment operations.

We bring it all together:

  • High-quality, unlimited warranty Rattler hardware
  • An easy-to-use central operating software system
  • An integrated data plan with no risk of overages
  • A five-year connectivity plan with cost certainty
  • A steadfast, single source for support and service

There’s nothing for the customer to maintain.

No IT infrastructure is required at the installation site.

Cloud-based software and security updates are automatic.

Click below for more details on each aspect of our remote monitoring and control solutions:

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